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The Dark Feminine holds the
keys to your greatest power.

These times call for bold leadership.

The old ways are crumbling all around you.

Therefore this is the moment to die to your old ways
as well to fully step into 

your deepest power and purpose.


Forget your 'Good Girl', forget hustling & grinding to make

things happen, forget trying to live up to unrealistic ideals of plastic women (that only lead to adrenal fatigue and burnout).

There is a magnificence in your bones longing to express its deepest purpose into the world, and WE NEED HER RIGHT NOW.


Working with the Dark Feminine de-armors your power
and radically changes the way you do business.

This is ancient wisdom passed down
generation to generation that may have been forgotten,

yet still pulses in your blood. 


So I invite you to be on the cutting edge of leadership
and learn how to work with your Dark Feminine

to surrender to your deepest power and purpose.



Woman Leaders...

Your Dark Feminine
cracks you open to your full 

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Dearest Woman Leader,

I love your bold heart.  


And the genius that bleeds in your veins is like no one else on the planet.


I as your Dark Feminine am highly aware of how much power you have coursing through you, and I ALSO know where you leak your power too.


And I cannot stand idly by while the world misses out on the ultimate magnificence you’re here to create.


So I will come in with my sword of truth & love to slice away everything that does not serve so you deeply Surrender to Your Power.


Any challenges I’ve sent your way lately have been leading you HERE.


Because I want you to die to the old ways, and learn to work with me to step into your next level of power and purpose.


You cannot begin to know how much I adore you.


I have been calling your name for years now from the darkness because this is how you get free.


Now I know you may be wondering how the hell this will help you in business and why you should spend time with ME.


I’m here to take your hand lovingly into the dark so you can learn about your power & purpose, and clear any debris in the way of its glory.


Are you ready to go deep, so you can go big?


I promise to guide you every step of the way with grounded practical tools so you learn how to master your Raw Feminine Power and use it in biz.

In Love & Power,

Your Dark Feminine


Did you know Feminine energy is naturally dark? 

She is represented by the black side of the Yin/Yang
symbol, and just like the moon, the womb, and the earth.

Dark Feminine = Deepest Yin 

The velvety Great Mystery, the raw substance

of the Universe from which all things come, the chaos existing before the Big Bang.

This immense power lives inside YOU.

And you need to learn how to use this power to prevent
burn out so you can lead with pleasure & purpose.


It's time to get Turned-On

by the Dark.







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Explore the 6 Realms of

the Dark Feminine Experience 

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==> DEATH ~ She charms you to learn how to work with the cycles of life, how to surrender control, how to destroy things, and be destroyed so you can be reborn anew.

==> WILD ~ She seduces you deep into the flesh and bones of your animal body, so you can feel your true raw power and be in tune with the force of Mother Nature.

~ She lures you to become enamored with the full spectrum of your emotions, even the intense ones like rage and grief, so you can learn to ride the waves of your feminine feeling to heal wounds & pick up power.


==> SHADOW ~ She coaxes you to reclaim long-forgotten parts shoved into the shadow, like a soul retrieval, so you become more integrated & whole.


==> SEX ~ She entices you to explore your full range of desires, even the forbidden ones, so you can expand your capacity for sensation and pleasure.

==> MYSTERY ~ She shows you how to listen deeply into the Great Mystery, to dissolve into Nothingness, so you can commune with God & your Divine nature.


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==>  1. You know how you can be so busy busy busy as a powerful woman in business?  And it can feel like everything is on your shoulders because often it’s easier to just do things yourself?


Your Dark Feminine calls BS on this tired story.  She helps break your addiction to busy-ness as a way of avoiding deep emotions (Power Leak #1), and also teaches you the beauty of YIN energy and downtime in the Great Mystery.  All of which completely changes the way you run your business.



==>  2.  You know how biz doesn’t feel as fulfilling as it once was?  And you have the sense there is a next level of some kind, but right now you have no clarity on what that is exactly?


Your Dark Feminine will inspire you.  She will guide you into the Unknown to dissolve what no longer serves and to birth something entirely new and brilliant and ecstatic.




==>  3. You know how there’s drama going on in your life that takes a lot of your attention?  Whether it’s the health issue or relationship squabble or pesky client wanting a refund or money struggles in the biz?


Your Dark Feminine heals that right up.  She will lovingly take you into the dark to see the root cause and help you heal this power leak.



==>  4. You know how a trigger can sometimes totally take you out?  Could be a strong emotion, or a compare and despair, or a fight with a partner.


Your Dark Feminine eradicates this.  She enlightens you to ride the waves of these emotions and convert them into immense power to use in your mission instead.



==>  5. You know how your sex life may not be as orgasmic as you’d like it?  Perhaps you’re not having any sex, or perhaps it’s grown stale with your partner?


Your Dark Feminine will start your engines.  She nudges you outside your comfort zone to immerse in full sex power, knowing it will 100% help your biz & mission.

How can the Dark Feminine

help you in business?

5 Ways to Seduce You


Now that you've gotten to know
your Dark Feminine
and how She can help you in business...

Let's talk about what it looks like
to work with Her.

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Be willing to die to old ways

Learn how to use your Raw Feminine Power
and heal Power Leaks

Expand & heal your sex power

Explore how to master the waves of your emotions 

Discover a simple Dark Feminine Alchemy tool
to add to your repertoire

Receive Her help to activate your biz + purpose
to next level of Soul Alignment 

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"I had a focus that was on fire and wrote 90,000 words for my new book..."

Before the Dark Feminine program with Christina, I wanted to catalyze my next big project to the world.  After our time together, I was able to own both sides of what motivates and inspires me to do the work that I do...  And as a result, there was no break in revenue (in fact we grew) in our 8-figure business consulting and training company.  And better, I stayed focused on building my new platform with 90,000 words written for my new book and keynote on becoming Values-Driven.

And the best - I'm in synergy with my body and mind and have a focus that's on fire, accessing the parts of me that I'm not ashamed of showing off or hiding anymore.

J20 - Jennifer Kem.jpg
Jennifer Kem
CEO and Futurist
Master Brand Institute

"I made more money during the time of the course than ALL of 2019..."

At first, I didn't have a clear idea of the Dark Feminine, or how to source her power.  But after our time together, I was able to feel my feelings in the moment, know my boundaries and know my desires, and as a result, I was able to shift some relationships in my life that were not ideal, up the quality of the teamwork in my business and I made more money during the time of the course than ALL of 2019 (multiple six-figures)!

Christina provides very organized, engaging and rich content with useful, practical exercises to access one's internal feminine power. I highly highly recommend!

2018-09-05 Davis, Baeth Teal Headshot -

Baeth Davis

Dr. Purpose

_MG_0792 - Erin Pollinger.JPG
Erin Pollinger
Network Marketing Queen, Your Guide to Creating Massive Success by Owning Your Feminine Power

"I am aligned in my purpose and better able to be a true leader in my company..."


I thought I had done my work around the Dark Feminine, but boy was I wrong!  The depth of the program helped me see her as my greatest ally providing the biggest growth and evolution.

Connecting with my dark feminine made me feel more whole, energized, and in my power. I am aligned in my purpose and better able to be a true leader in my company. My team is growing exponentially even in a global pandemic. I also know my relationship with my partner has deepened and there is more love flowing between us. The change is palpable.

Dark Feminine START DATE NOV.png

The Dark Feminine Experience IS for you if:

  • You are a woman leader willing to do the deep work in order to go big

  • You like being on the forefront and are not afraid of edgy terrain

  • You have been going through lots of transition lately (deaths, sickness, divorce, financial troubles) which means the Dark Feminine has been calling your name

  • You know how to manage your process and won’t fuck off and get distracted to take the easy way out

  • You have already done a lot of work on yourself and desire a next level container in sisterhood


The Dark Feminine Experience is NOT for you if:

  • You are still working through PTSD or big trauma (Best to work 1-on-1 with a therapist)

  • You have a lot of chaos in your life and aren’t willing to look at your part in it

  • You like to blame others and the world for your problems

  • You are uncomfortable with edgy terrains like sexuality 

  • You aren’t willing to look at how staying busy-busy-busy is a coping mechanism to avoid your big feelings


Your Dark Feminine asks you to die to the old ways to step into our full power and purpose.


The Universe operates within the cycles of Birth ==> Life ==> Death ==> Repeat.  


Which means you cannot create anything new without dying first. 


So we begin here by surrendering to the Dark Feminine’s sword slicing away all that no longer serves.


We will die to societal conditioning, the Good Girl, worrying about what other people think, and so much more that gets in the way of our boldness.


This will happen through explorations + an embodiment ritual of a shamanic nature together, and more.


I invite you to prepare to die…so you can be reborn.

Anchor 8


Your Dark Feminine cracks you open to full power and purpose.  


She knows the enormity of your power & magnificence inside you and will stop at nothing till you have access to it all to learn how to use it to fulfill your purpose.


Here we start to see our Power Leaks and how Raw Feminine Power works so we can use it more consciously. 

We do practices to heal Power Leaks and learn a simple technique that frees up SO MUCH POWER.


The world needs us in our full power, Ladies.  But first we must get to know it and prepare our beings to be able to handle its wattage.

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Step 3. WE Learn emotional mastery together

Your Dark Feminine knows the power in your feelings as a feminine-essenced being.

She realizes no one has ever taught you how to ride the waves of emotional power instead of shutting down, so here we learn.


Your exploration will be falling in love with your grief and rage, and learning how to pick up the power within them.


Your invitation will be embodiment techniques to express these darker emotions so you learn how to let them flow and heal and complete their cycle.

Together we will fall in love with the emotional power we possess as women.

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Anchor 17

step 4. WE go into the basement together

Your Basement is the place deep down in your being where you’ve stored your wounding + disowned parts.


Most people throw down a false floor over their Basement and build an entire life on top of it.  They often THINK they are doing deep work, but all that’s really happening is they are going down to their false floor and fooling themselves.


Together, we will remove our false floors and release our defenses so we an access more power.


Your exploration will be to clean up debris so you can stop self-sabotage and projecting onto others.


Your invitation is to be brave enough to do the Shadow work to heal these wounds + reclaim these parts and pick up all your power.

Anchor 20


Your Dark Feminine demands you connect to your feminine electricity and orgasm that makes you come alive.  And She also wants you connected to your body as a powerful ally and guide too.


We will look at shame, and Good Girl suppression, your relationship with your body, and your secret fantasies so you can tap into this power to fulfill your purpose.


You will learn simple techniques to access Turn-On which will feed your business, your relationship, and your health.


And we will have an experience of Turn-On embodiment as well.


Prepare to expand into whatever is edgy territory for you so you can pick up more power for your purpose.  (And have more fun too.)


Step 6. WE embrace dark feminine aLchemy together

Your Dark Feminine wants you in wholeness & power and She will guide you to full sovereignty.


Here we put all of our practices together into the most delicious recipe so we learn to plate up more of our Raw Feminine Power than ever before.


Whereas in the past you may have gotten stuck by suppressed emotions, triggering events, blocks & obstacles, and upper limits…


Now you will learn how to ride the wave of human existence like a BOSS and how to ‘get off’ on it all so you GET FREE.


Your invitation will be to gather up an almighty toolkit of recipes & techniques for every life situation so you know how to ride the waves of life and always in be in power.


Your exploration will be how to fall in love with the Dark Feminine and work WITH Her to fulfill your next level of power & purpose on the planet.

Anchor 19

The Promise

You will feel more powerful

Stop the push and struggle

See obstacles differently to remove them

Nurture your body to address adrenal fatigue, anxiety, & depression

Create deeper trust in yourself and surrender to the Divine

Rev your engines for more Turn-On & Pleasure

Infuse your business with more Power + Purpose in Soul Alignment

"Being with a group of peers in this exploration who 'get' the world I live in was awesome."

As a business leader, I've done my fair share of programs but was craving something else. Something that would allow me to tap into a deeper aspect of my leadership and vulnerability. And this program was it. Being with a group of peers in this exploration - other business leaders who 'get' the world I live in - was awesome. 

The 'positive thinking' and 'just be focused on love' teaching in the personal development world has always felt one-sided and incomplete.  Enough of always having to be a Good Girl!  Highly recommend this program as Christina is leading from a place of authenticity and alignment.

Tina Forsyth-014-500 (1).jpeg

Tina Forsyth

Speaker and Next-Level Leadership Coach, 3x author,

and Creator of Certified OBM ®

Nathalie Chapron, C.B.I.C
Founder of Enlightened Beauty Styling

"I took more time off and received more high-level offers than ever before!"


On a personal level, I feel the most powerful I have ever been. I have claimed my Sovereignty. My husband of 5 years turning into the most loyal, devoted, adoring, and powerful version of himself (think King Charming has become real).  I took more time off this year and have received more high-level offers than ever before!  

This is a safe container for women to shed the masks, get real, go deep and pick-up power in some unexpected places. I HIGHLY recommend you give yourself the gift of joining Christina's Program.  Christina is helping usher a New Paradigm rooted in the Feminine and Sisterhood... you want to be a part of it.

"Since being in the program, I have raised a half-million dollars and gotten a contract worth millions!"

Since working with Christina, my idea has totally become a reality! We’ve now raised a half-million dollars… AND I used all my feminine skills to facilitate a meeting with Haiti's highest governmental leaders, all men by the way, and walked out with a contract worth millions of dollars! And my marriage is juicier than it’s ever been.

I am thrilled by how quickly things have moved along since switching to the Feminine Operating System and making my Pleasure a priority. Magic happens when you work with Christina and the Dark Feminine sisterhood!

Bio Pic 1- GJW.jpg
Gina Waota
Philanthropist / Social Entrepreneur
Keynote Speaker
Lisa Fraley.jpg
Lisa Fraley, JD, CHHC, AADP

Legal Coach®, Attorney, Speaker & Best Selling Author of "Easy Legal Steps...That Are Also Good For Your Soul"

"This course twists and turns in surprising ways but leaves you feeling stretched and expanded..."

What drew me to The Dark Feminine course was learning how to tap more deeply into my own latent power to help me move forward in life and in business.  I uncovered inner resources that could be summoned to experience the spectrum of emotions more fully and in turn fueled for creation of what I want to grow or heal.

This course twists and turns in surprising ways but leaves you feeling stretched and expanded with greater awareness and appreciation for the Dark Feminine. Christina is a master alchemist who magically pulls together intellectual and experiential learning in deep-dive self-exploration, integration, and healing.

A Safe Space shared with Fellow Women Leaders

Real-Deal Deep Work Invitations Every Other Week

Embodiment Practices to Get Out of Your Head

Guided Meditations for Soul-Restructuring

Learn Dark Feminine Alchemy to remove any obstacle

White Arched Ceiling

Dark Feminine


An Online Collective of Women Leaders to

To Learn How to Work With
The Dark Feminine as a Sisterhood

This Dark Feminine experience is designed to weave between your left & right brain.  One week is rich, cutting-edge content to satisfy your left brain.  While the next week feeds your right brain by bringing it all out of the head and down into the body.  This design is based on my 20 years of study of embodiment and makes it different from everything else out there. It's also how you re-wire your brain to unplug from the Patriarchal Operating System into the natural design of your Feminine Operating System™.

6 Experiential Modules 

~ Rock your world and leave a changed woman after uniquely exploring the 6 steps in a transformational way

~ Every other Monday embark on a new journey into the dark

~ Offered in bite-size video modules so you can watch whenever it's convenient for you

~ Deep, simple, practical explorations culled from my 20 years of experience in transformation 

~ Enter the temple and take the first step on Monday Nov. 9th.

6 Virtual Embodiment Rituals

~ Move the content out of the head and into the body with these potent (and fun!) embodiment rituals to re-arrange you on a cellular level
~ Be nourished by the deep level of Sisterhood and witnessing so you remember you're not alone

~ Gather by Zoom every other Thursday at 12pm PT / 3pm ET / 8pm GMT for 2 hours, starting Nov. 19th. (with time off for holidays)
~ All Virtual Embodiment Rituals will be recorded so you can participate at your own convenience if you can't make it live.

2 X PRIVATE COACHING SESSIONS 75-minute deep dive with our Temple Midwife

Enter the temple for 75-minutes to have customized and sacred space held for you, your process, and your purpose by our deeply vetted Temple Midwife.  This experience will serve to support you in your powerful journey with the Dark Feminine so you are supported the whole way. Use this time to go deeper with exercises, or reclaim more power, or perhaps get the help needed to heal old potential pesky wounds.

Our Private Temple of Sisterhood 

This is our sacred nest of a private FB group amongst colleagues and peers.  It will be held by Christina and our team of Temple Mistresses as a warm inviting place to deepen in Sisterhood, practice the tools, and get support.

BONUS #1: Find Your Ecstatic Brand Program

My seminal program from my past business on how to bring all your gifts together to create your Ecstatic Brand.  This program is still where all my private clients begin as there's a powerful transmission in the materials that creates a potent transformation. Perfect for those of you working on Purpose + stepping into your mission on the planet.


BONUS #2:  Interview with Jaiya on 5 Erotic Blueprints

Explore your sex power, and that of your partner's too.  A 60-minute deep dive with Jaiya into her incredible body of work on Erotic Blueprints.

BONUS #3: Lifetime Access to Dark Feminine Experience


You will be welcome to participate again and again in all future rounds of the Dark Feminine Experience at no extra charge.  We know this work is deep and rich and want you to have plenty of time to unfold into Her power and mysteries.

Your Investment in

Your Dark Feminine

$1997 pay in full

Or 3 monthly payments of $700 

Limited amount of extended payment plans available ~ 2 remaining 

12 monthly payments of $175 each

Reach out to the team to grab one at

Doors Close Wednesday Nov. 18th

EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS for First 12 Participants
(or until Friday Nov 13th.)

Ultimate Unleash Your Power 2-hour Workshop with Christina

An embodied deep dive in an intimate group

into unleashing the full power and potency of your Raw Feminine Power.

This beautiful opportunity will be personalized to the participants,
as Christina crafts a powerful ritual from her 20 years of study in transformation + embodiment.

Prepare to leave charged up and changed to lead your business in a whole new way.

Anchor 10

Diversity is Powerful. 

We celebrate women of all backgrounds, races, and orientations.  Our commitment to creating safe environments for women leaders includes private work with Diversity & Inclusion Mentor, Trudi Lebron.  We welcome straight, queer, Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, and all Women of Color to our communities.

workwithkristen - Kristen Watts.jpg
Shama Ma' Osa
Creator of Raising Happy!™ - School for Intentional Mothers

"I felt empowered, supported, encouraged, and stretched way beyond what I realized I was ready for."

I have worked with several incredible high-level coaches over the years, but working with the Dark Feminine was remarkably next level in depth and outcome.  I feel a tremendous upgrade in relationship with my kids, my husband, my mother, and my business. I did not realize I would have shifts in so many areas of my life after doing this one program. I expanded into more becoming of myself each week, and the whole time I felt empowered, supported, encouraged and stretched way beyond what I realized I was ready for

The world really needs us to learn how to be this strong and messy and legitimately human in all of our spiritual power. The work of the Dark Feminine is for those who feel a burning readiness to say YES  to themselves without ever looking back!!! 

Megan Lambert
Intimacy Expert, Founder of Megan D Lambert Coaching Circle Mentoring Women in Leadership

"During this time and I had my most successful revenue months ever."

Before the Dark Feminine program with Christina, I was feeling a bit stuck inside myself and in my business. Her perspective on "get off on all of it" helped me find the turn-on myself inside the stuckness, which helped me feel more creative and alive

My business grew a lot during this time and I had my most successful revenue months ever.  I would absolutely recommend working with Christina because she has a beautiful way of feeling into the deeper thing happening inside of me and putting words to it. 

Wendy Prior
CEO and Futurist, Master Brand Institute

"Within a few weeks of beginning the programme, my whole life began to change."

Saying Yes to the Dark Feminine is one of the smartest things my inner knowing has ever gifted me.  I signed up at a time where nothing was especially troubling in my life, it was just a huge intuitive nudge that I knew not to ignore.  Within a few weeks of beginning the programme, my whole life began to change.  

Inspirational, powerful, and deeply grounded.  The Dark Feminine feels new, fresh, uniquely fit for our time.  I would highly recommend this programme to the woman intent on leaving 'no stone unturned' in her quest to be all she can be.

Have more questions?

  Or need a bit more foreplay?

Please join our FB Community 
The Feminine Operating System™ Sisterhood here.

Or shoot an email here if you have questions
or would like to have a conversation. 


Creator of the Feminine Operating System™

Christina Morassi is a successful healer-turned-coach blessed to say she achieved the entrepreneurial dream.  She reached the high 6-figures helping women in 27 countries find their Ecstatic Brand, created big 3-day live events, and along with her community, raised $25K to build a school + sponsor a village in Africa for 5 years.


It was AMAZING!  And…  She was exhausted from being in man-mode all the time and following other people's templates to success.  So 5.5  years ago she pulled the plug on her successful business, created a pleasure makeover for herself, and now is on a mission to help other women leaders activate Raw Feminine Power and learn how to use it in the natural design of their Feminine Operating System™.

You can find her embracing her own Feminine Operating System™ living as a #digitalnomad in amazing places like Bali, Hawaii, Italy, and Costa Rica.

Surrender to Your Power.
Let's do it as a Sisterhood.


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